Kinfolk Magazine Workshop - The Butcher Block

At Hudiefly, we often draw inspirations from innovative, aesthetically-forward groups to help us find a way to propel our own lifestyle brand in a like-minded fashion. One of our biggest muses is the folks behind Kinfolk Magazine. Not only are their aesthetics and visions ideally clean, minimalist, and worldly, but their mode of execution, and their subsequent success, is impeccable and nothing short of inspirational.

This past Sunday, the D.C. metropolitan area was lucky enough to play the venue for a Kinfolk Workshop. Essentially, the magazine sponsors influential, Kinfolk-esque individuals around the world to host "workshops" pertaining to their lifestyle culture: food, fashion, flower arrangement, etc. The workshop held near D.C. was a food workshop—fish, to be precise.

The location was on a quaint little farm just outside of D.C. in northern Virginia. We pulled up onto a narrow, dirt road, shrouded by a forest of green trees. It had just stopped drizzling and the clouds had parted; the sun was peeking through the treetops and the timing of the weather was uncannily perfect.

Pulling up to a one Stoney Lonesome Farm, we were greeted by a warm group of attendees and the host, Tom, a chef from D.C. We learned about fish sustainability, the proper way to clean and gut a fish (gruesome, but interesting), we improvised some killer recipes, and bonded with strangers over bottles of Rosé and white wine.

Friends were made, delicious food was created and eaten, and a memorable event was stored into our Hudiefly book of inspirations. We ourselves hope to plan, create, and execute such interactive events in the future... watch out, Kinfolk!

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