Pre-Launch Party: The Hudiefly Vision

Last Saturday, the Hudiefly office let loose with a hybrid Hudiefly Pre-Launch / Boss Lady's Business Trip Goodbye party. We invited our staff, our relatives, and our artist collaborators to join our soirée.

We decorated our sweets table with fresh-cut flowers from the garden, decorative woods, our exclusive Hudiefly tote bags and assorted products, homemade strawberry macarons, platters of fruit and brie as well as gummy candies in mason jars for a cute, quirky, country home touch.

      (And our homemade banana pudding was a total crowd pleaser.)

Sushi, charceuterie, fruit-infused champagne, and good company rounded off a perfect party setting. Congratulations, Hudiefly, and safe travels, Jasmine!

And a very, very special thank you to Miss Manvi of Mochatini who provided our party with the fun, whimsical decorations to give it that perfect amount of character. Thank you so much!

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